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Mail service based on the Everscale blockchain
One of the first tools to build a new networking experience that has it all — it’s anonymous, secure, stable, cheap and fast
Our Mission
We designed this solution so that everyone has access to strong end-to-end encryption for absolutely confidential p2p communication that cannot be compromised. At maximum speed. At the lowest price. Directly through the app on your smartphone.
These days the biggest danger of storing data are the servers owned by corporations that can use the data as they wish.
With Qamon you can to mail with each other, solve business issues, send a variety of content without fear of leaks and drains.
Qamon, guys!
What really bothers all of us
You can use mail as you used to with other clients, but be sure — your data's safe.
Full mail functionality
It takes us 10-15 seconds to send a message
It is impossible to hack from the outside
End-to-end encryption
Sending one message is 10,000%+ cheaper than a transaction in Ethereum
Reasonable price
Try fast and secure QAMON mail now
How It Works
Create a wallet in Everwallet
Deposit some EVER on your wallet balance. Learn more where to buy EVER:
Wait until you get a few Evers to start
Connect the wallet to the service
Start using email
Be cool
New features.
Coming in 2023
Q2 2023
  • Private secure notes
  • Drafts
  • Text editor upgrade
Q1 2023
  • Mobile app
  • New blockchains integration (Venom, EVM)
  • DeNS (human readable domain names)
  • Web3 <=> Web2 Gateway
Answers to some common questions
What is Qamon mail?
Qamon mail is the Email Solution for anonymous and encrypted wallet-to-wallet communication.
Does Qamon mail provide end-to-end encryption?
Emails sent between Qamon mail users: always end-to-end encryptedEmails sent between from Qamon mail and non Qamon mail users and vice versa: soon, this features will be enabled in the next updates. Stay tuned!
How and why we cannot even read user's email? Are there any ways for the system developers to read someone else's mail?
No one but the recipient of the message can read the content, because each message is encrypted one-way for the end user. No one else has the same key to decrypt it.Messages are encrypted on the sender's computer and enter the network already encrypted, and only the recipient can decrypt it on his computer. Cryptography is so arranged that only the recipient with the cipher can read this message, there can be no other loophole mathematically.
What kind of blockchain is under the hood?
Qamon mail system utilizes Everscale blockchain. Read more about the Everscale.
How much does it cost to use Qamon mail?
Qamon mail is absolutely free, but in order to be able to send mails you need to have EVER tokens on your EVER wallet balance.Since sending a message is a transaction (on a blockchain level), you’ll need to pay the blockchain gas, which is variable. In average it costs: ~ <0,05 EVER, or $0,005.
Can I use Qamon mail with other e-mail clients?
Right now - no, but in near future - yes. Stay tuned!