Download here. For PC version use Chrome extension, for mobile devices download an app. During the wallet set up phase use default settings.
Create Everscale wallet
How to start using Qamon mail?
Read more about Ever Wallet here
Deposit some EVER tokens on your wallet balance
You can purchase (or get) EVER here:

Centralized exchanges: KuCoin,,,,
DEX & Bridges:,
Other services:
Choose “It’s my first time with Qamon”
Connect your EVER wallet to Qamon mail
Create your password
Choose “Connect EverWallet”
Choose “Next”
Choose “Connect”
Then you’ll need to sign a transaction with a password to your EVER Wallet (not Qamon mail)
Start mailing!
Choose “Compose e-mail”
Enter the recipient’s EVER wallet address in the field “To”. Click the send button once you are ready.
After you confirm the transaction with your Everwallet password you message will be sent.
Store your seed phrase in a secure place! Remember: the only way to compromise your data is to compromise your seed phrase!
We don’t store your password, so we won’t be able to help you recover it